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Community demonstrate against bail panga murderer

Community demonstrate against bail panga murderer

Video: Community members gathered at Oshakati Magistrate to demonstrate against bail for the murder accused. – Footage: Maria David

Maria David
MEMBERS of the community protested in front of the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court against the granting of bail to Erastus Jesaya, the man accused of hacking his uncle to death with a panga at the end of April, because according to them it would not be in the interest of the society and of the administration of justice.
Besides making their feelings about the brutal murder clear the protesters also handed a petition in which they state their reasons why no bail should be granted to officials of the court.
Jesaya stands accused of attacking his uncle Lazarus Kapiye while he was watching television with his family in the Oshikwiyu Village in the Ohangwena Region on 27 April.
Jesaya allegedly showed up and started attacking Kapiye without saying a word.
Kapiye sustained deadly wounds to his head and arms and died on the spot.
The protestors said that members of the community are still in fear and shock and do not want to see the accused free again.
“He is a danger to the society and his life will also be in danger from the community members,” they said in their petition. The community also asked that Jesaya should be jailed for life.
“There is a strong fear that if he is released on bail, the accused will continue to commit similar crimes, he will interfere or jeopardize the investigation as he will be in contact with witnesses,” stated the petition.
Kapiye was the principal of the Okambebe Combined School and according to members of the community Jesaya has killed an educator, a leader with deep human values and of loyal service to the society and the Namibian people.
The accused made his second court appearance in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court on charges of murder where Magistrate Toini Shilongo postponed the case to 06 August to allow the accused person time to apply for legal aid from the state.

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