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Yes, the cold is setting in now with all its force.
My favorite weather, I prefer the cold honestly. I sleep better at night. Flies and mosquitoes are just not how I would like to spend my days!
Now guys, this week I watched an old James Bond movie with that iconic title called “Never say Never again”. And for your information… you young cats, Sean Connery was the first James Bond… not Daniel Craig asseblief. Loved the title song since child hood watching that movie, that tune stayed in my mind for all these years. Mara I looked at it more closely than just the song or the title.
Through your life you would do things that you tell yourself, sowaar as vet, I wont ever ever do that again.
As human beings we keep telling ourselves that we want to better ourselves, maar eish… Before you see , you are back in your old ways again.
There are things I know I can say never again mara there’s this other k*k you just know sowaar… if you keep on doing this you’re gonna run yourself into real trouble in life.
Here are a few things that we can say never again, and a few things we must rather sharrap about!
I will never drink again. This one, dis die grootste bol k*k onder die son, sharrap!
I will stop swearing. I think even people who are bekeer swear in their minds, I can’t promise this one sowaar… too many people makes me die moer in everyday!
I will stop smoking. Sowaar, I feel for smokers… they battle everyday of their lives with this addiction. Rather be quiet about it and not make this statement to anynone, you keep on making your name gat!
I won’t cheat again. Okay, I’m too old for this shit… so with peace in my heart I can tell you guys, speak for yourself! Ek is klaar. I’m listening to a favorite Joe Thomas song while saying this.
I will go to church every Sunday. Keep in mind, Saturday nights can be rough… keep in mind!
I will never listen to R Kelly again. Come on now, there’s only one Pied Piper!
I will never support Manchester United again. Remember, during the Alex Ferguson era… Liverpool supporters said the same thing.
If there’s one thing I can be sure of not ever doing again… its eating stampmielies! I’m done with that, Ouma Nanna, forgive me but never again.
I feng you.

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