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Antoni community without water

Antoni community without water

Maria David
RESIDENTS of the Antoni Village in the Oshikoto Region are without water and have to travel long distances to fetch the life giving resource from neighbouring villages.
Community members say that many of the boreholes in the area ran dry years ago and they have been relying on a single borehole in the area which they are unable to use because the machine driving the pump broke.

Pictured: Borehole installation for illustrative purposes. – Photo: File

“We have no water, either for human consumption or for our animals. We are suffering,” said one of the concerned community members.
According to the village resident water scarcity is also negatively affecting learners at the local school.
Apart from the water challenge, the villagers said that that they are totally forgotten by the government in terms of development as they also lack essential services such as access to health services in the community.
They have to travel to the distant Omuthiya, Oshivelo or Tsumeb to access medical services, which always proves to be very expensive in terms of transport.
The villagers called on Government to come to their aid and provide them with clean water and at least one mobile clinic for the people because not all of them are able to afford travelling up and down to get to the nearest health facility.
Approached for comment, Leevi Shiningombwa Councillor of Nehale Iya Mpingana Constituency said that the villagers have not been forgotten because a new borehole was sunk recently not far from where they live. He added that a new cellular network tower has also been erected near the village recently.
“I did listen to the pleas of the villagers and they are definitely not forgotten. There is however the problem with the broken machine that is supposed to pump water from the borehole,” said Shiningombwa, adding that currently there is a greater need for a new borehole at the Ohahati Village because learners local school does not have any water for consumption.

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