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Namibians should stop being jealous of Chinese businesses – Ambassador

Namibians should stop being jealous of Chinese businesses – Ambassador

Zorena Jantze

THE Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming, has condemned widespread reports that Chinese construction companies in Namibia receive most of the lucrative Tenders in the sector, stating that Namibians should not look at foreign companies jealously, but rather see them as investments.

TRADE RELATIONS: picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: contributed

Speaking this morning at a press briefing held at the Embassy to address China’s escalating sour trade relations with the US, Yiming stated that Namibia’s poverty woes can only be remedied by economic development, improving the investment environment and opening up trade.

“You cannot be jealous of foreigners making money in your country. See it rather as a form of investment. All companies are allowed to set up businesses in China. We want to see more African countries learning from China and boasting their economies,” Yiming stated.

The ambassador further denied claims that the Chinese government is funding the rebuilding of the SWAPO headquarters opposite the Katutura State Hospital in the amount of N$730 million, as the ruling party allegedly currently does not have the funds at hand.

“It’s baseless for the media to say that the Chinese government is involved in the funding of SWAPO headquarters. What intentions are these accusations based upon? Do you want to tarnish the name of the Chinese government? Every election year, China’s name always crops up in headlines. It’s a serious matter,” Yiming noted.

He added that the deal is purely a commercial undertaking between a private Chinese company, Unik Construction, and the SWAPO party.

Yiming encouraged Chinese companies to invest more in Namibia and take up Namibian companies as partners to share profits, especially in the agricultural sector.

“Namibia is the only African country that enjoys the privilege  of exporting beef to China. No other African country is allowed to do this. I really want to see the livestock husbandry industry grow. The vastness of Namibia’s land allows for more breeding. This will have a huge future as China has a market of 1.4 billion people,” Yimming said.

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