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Elephant kills cow at Omborondo

Elephant kills cow at Omborondo

Marthina Mutanga

HUMAN wild life conflict at the Daures constituency appears to be going from bad to worse following another report that an elephants on Friday killed a cow and injured another in Omborondo near Omatjete.

Fabianus Hivirikee Uaseuapuani, the chairperson of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority, said the a herd of elephants traveled to the water tank in the hopes of finding water, but after the herd realised that the tank was empty, one of the elephants allegedly become violent, moved to the kraal and killed one cow while injuring another.

WRECKING HAVOC: Some of the damage caused by the elephants in the area. Photos: contributed

Uaseuapuani added that the Omatjete community is now threatening to kill the elephants in the area if government does not intervene and find a permanent solution to the persisting conflict between human and wildlife.

He added that the ministry of environment still has not respond to their pleas and that the community is slowly becoming fed-up as their livelihood is being threatened.

“We need to get rid of these elephants as our communal land is drought-stricken and is too small,” Uaseuapaunai noted, adding that the number of elephants in the area is increasing.

According to him, the water points erected for the people and the elephants are also not enough.

Uaseuapaunai also said that although the ministry had installed solar pumps at different water points to limit the need for people to go to the water points, thereby running the risk of confronting elephants, the intervention was causing other problems.

The elephants are allegedly now entering communal areas on a weekly basis, breaking water infrastructures, homesteads and threatening human life.

Attempts to get comments from the environment ministry proved futile as the spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda did not return phone calls.

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