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Operating a shebeens beyond trading hours is immoral

Operating a shebeens beyond trading hours is immoral

Placido Hilukilwa
SHEBEEN owners who operate beyond the hours stipulated in their liquor licenses are not only doing something immoral but are also committing a crime and can be arrested and charged, said police spokesperson in the Ohangwena Region Sergeant Andrew Nghiyolwa.
Speaking to Informante Tuesday morning, Nghiyolwa said that of late there has been an increase in incidents of patrons fighting at shebeens and such incidents happen mostly after the stipulated trading hours of such shebeens.
He said that an increasing number of people are abusing alcohol and shebeen owners are partly to blame because they operate their small businesses beyond the stipulated trading hours and when their patrons have had enough they start quarrelling and fighting.
Nghiyolwa said that when a fight erupts at a shebeen that is operating beyond the stipulated trading hours, the shebeen owner also faces consequences because he or she has directly contributed to the fighting.
The police do not have a concrete number of the incidents of fighting at shebeens because the intervention of the law enforcement agents is, in most cases, limited to ending the drawl but those involved do not lay charges.

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