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Culture unites the people

Culture unites the people

Video: The different clans of the Ovawambo people sdisplays their totem animals. Footage: Placido Hilukilwa

Placido Hilukilwa
NAMIBIA, as a country, is unique with its people, geographical location, food, skin type, marriage, funerals, naming ceremonies and its hospitality. But that is not all.
Namibia is very much unique for its diverse cultures and languages.
That was said by President Hage Geingob in a speech delivered on his behalf by Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa at the official opening of the Oshakati Totem Expo.
“Our diverse cultures,” he said, “are exactly what unites us through totems.”
Totems are emblematic depictions of things such as an animal, a plant or a supernatural being which gives a family or tribe its name and that often serves as a reminder of its ancestry.
This year’s event was the 8th edition and attracted thousands of visitors, a wide variety of exhibitors ranged from corporate to small and medium enterprises as well as different clans of Ovawambo represented by totems such as lion, buffalo, elephant, grass, hyena, hare, sheep, zebra, crocodile, grasshopper, snake, dog, corn and cattle.
The event started on 24 May and lasts till Saturday under the theme “strengthening ties through culture” which Geingob said should be translated into action to influence the people’s way of living and understanding of cultures which give a sense of cultural identity.

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