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How the hiba???

How the hiba???

White people, please call a black friend and ask them what the headline means, sowaar ek het nie krag om te verduidelik nie.
We want to thank the government for the letter they sent us during the week, it is highly appreciated that they found the time in their very very very very busy schedule to engage me on a very serious matter. We take note of their humble concern that we are in state crisis currently regarding our economy and our water.
The drought has severely affected a lot we could produce this year. We can’t imagine what the farmers from as far as the Kunene are going through. The producers out there in Hochfeld, the Omaheke region who diligently produce food for all our consumers on an annual basis… I have no idea how they will combat this situation successfully this year.
Yes, the rainfall has been bad, I could sense it even in Katutura… with every rainfall since I was a child, my grandmother would put a big “sinkplaat” in front of our kitchen door to make double sure the rain didn’t come in. For many years we saw the rain as a nuisance rather than a blessing when we as kids had to do this. That “sinkplaat” has not been used now for quite a number of years, an indication that global warming is in fact really turning the tide in terms of weather patterns.
On behalf of the ones who remain completely ignorant about news and happenings in our beloved country, the Government just sent out a “mayday, mayday… Houston we have a problem” message to us all to assist in the above matter. We are called upon to give away 2% once off of our income to Government to assist on combatting the current situation.
I personally don’t have a problem with this, in fact I fully agree with what the late J.F. Kennedy, President of the United States said… If you don’t know please go Google, we can’t be held accountable for you failing Geskiedenis in high school!
Now, what I normally do when my kids come to me with demands as to what they want from me… As a bank I want something back in return. You either perform out of the ordinary in your studies or sport or something… but I don’t give my family stuff if there’s no performance indicator. You see, I need to check now… due to my current financial situation, I just need to clarify a few things with Meme Sara asseblief tog: I love a Gin and Tonic over the weekend, it means I will have to scale down on this to give you my 2%… Hoe maak ons hierso asseblief?
I hate it when I get to the service station, the petrol joggie laughs at me if I put in N$100-00 in my BMW… The embarrassment is bad enough when he refers to me as “groot name gooi ook N$100-00”. Because of this 2%, I have to scale this down now to N$ 50-00. Can someone from NDF please just come with me every time I go to the service station to beat up that joggie in case he makes fun of me please!
Senor Alberto Bailleres, a very rich man from Mexico just bought Erindi game reserve. Die man het zak, klomp zak… anyone who can take out N$2 billion from his gatsak to pay for a property sowaar, can’t government just tax him for all the stomach ulcers that tequila caused us in Namibia… I promise you he will feel bad and just cough up another billion to say askies tog!
Can our government please send a Whattsap to Jacob Zuma, u’tata Msholozi can mos make a blue wallet loan to us…. We know there’s the outstanding issue of him and the late Gaddafi’s money… If he gives it to us we promise we won’t say a word about it.
So… How the hibba, under current situation, can government still come and ask me for 2%!?
Mbiri mo’njara… man is platsak, kat slaap op die stoof… Gons!

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