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Insulted Miss Namibia finalists must swallow blades

Insulted Miss Namibia finalists must swallow blades

Zorena Jantze
THE Miss Namibia Organisation, in one of the most astonishing reactions in recent history, stated “it’s too cumbersome” to remove or ban insults and personal attacks on the finalists, whose pictures were posted on its Facebook page.

Pictured: A screenshot of the Miss Namibia Facebook page where vile and demeaning comments have been directed at some of the semifinalists in this year’s competition.

The director of Miss Namibia, Connie Maritz, revealed that she has seen all semifinalists in person and that they are all beautiful.
She further denied claims that one of their contestants dropped out of the campaign due to a tsunami of insults on social media from the public on the contestants’ appearance.
Maritz stated that the contestant, who dropped out, Michelle Pretorius, could not continue to take part in the pageant because her father fell critically ill.
Maritz further remarked that the demeaning remarks aimed at some of the contestants are very cruel and unkind.
Haneli Mostert, the social media representative of the Miss Namibia campaign stated that if she could, she would delete every negative comment, but it would be too cumbersome to delete all the insulting comments without getting rid of other positive remarks in the comment threads.
“We are supporting the girls off social media, we have spoken about their reactions and the impact it has had,” Mostert said.

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