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LET Namibians say it when they can: the Father of the Namibian Nation has become the pride of the nation.
Therefore, the 90th Birthday of the Father of the Namibian Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, is much more than a celebration. It is a reminder of an extraordinary world figure, the founder of a unique Namibian history, a legacy of leadership and of a steadfast and determined progress to nationhood.
Dr Nujoma and his leadership occupied the international arena for decades during the times of the cold war and outwitted legendary world leaders of the East and West and brought the apartheid regime to its knees when sanctions and negotiations with an all-powerful SA-regime failed.
It is an immense honour to celebrate DR Nujoma as a living monument of Namibian values. Moreover, it is a reminder for Namibians to celebrate with him and his family and acknowledge that anything is possible through dedication and discipline.
It is worth remembering that there are no other free, stable, peaceful and democratic nations on the planet where citizens have the privilege to walk amongst their founder leaders who are now ordinary members of the public themselves.
Dr Nujoma should be granted the opportunity to live the life he enjoys on his farm, at the coast and occasionally in office where his advice and input in all sectors of society is valuable, because it is rooted in experience and humility. Only the extraordinary reach the age of 90 and a healthy 90 years of age at that, which is only possible through moderation in lifestyle and good habits, which Dr Nujoma is blessed with abundancy.
The founding father will be the first to admit that he was not always perfect, but what Namibians know from the time he was the Third Term exception engineered by the Founding Chairman of the Constitution and Namibians Third President, dr. Hage Geingob, he became as perfect as possible. That can be his Achilles’ heel, because there are those in society that might abuse his generosity and his image for their own ends without Dr Nujoma even knowing it because he doesn’t see the bad and never will suspect that.
Namibians of all walks of life have a duty to protect the pride of a nation against the piranhas always in the pond of any democracy.
It is not possible to give a gift to a man who has everything. It is not possible to give more honour than he already achieved, but national respect, empathy, care and gratitude should guide actions and statements regarding the Founding President as he is a living symbol of a nation on the march.
Dr Nujoma deserves the best and a peace of mind, because that is what he wants for his nation and his country.

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