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“Daddy I’m bored”

“Daddy I’m bored”

Ja mense, it’s that time of the year again. School holidays! I humbly ask all of you as fellow Namibians, out of love and care for all. Let’s not drink and drive or eat any hot cross buns on the road this weekend. Let’s not use Jesus as an excuse to eat these things, mohana mo’road blocka sowaar moenie kanse vat nie.
May God bless all of us richly this weekend; let’s celebrate Easter with the humility afforded to us by SOMEONE who gave up his life for all of us in the world.
Now, as we speak… I’m in Swakop at the moment… just needed to break away from the hustle in Windhoek… driving over 120km per day dropping kids at school, go to office, drive around for meetings, pick up kids from school, drop them off… pick them up for soccer, tennis, klavier and God knows watse k*k ook nog.
If you happen to see me drive around in Swakop, please… kom moer my… because I promised myself I am not moving an inch out the house from here in Swakop.
The problem is, school holidays bring another dilemma in our daily lives… esses man. Oh sorry, more than one dilemma!
Mevrou would call me every two hours from house… “Luister, die brood is klaar, bring twee stene saam!”
Die bloed! Are these kids serious huh!?
“Ja maar my man jy moet verstaan.”
The kids are running around all day… they come home… refuse to drink water, grab the Oros… gulp it down then they are off again.
Not long in the holiday these kids come with those three words that every parent dreads who don’t live in die lokasie… “Daddy I’m bored.”
Huh, what the hell do you mean?
“No daddy, the holiday is long… I don’t know what to do with myself any more… Can we go to the go-carts later please?
Is die f*kken kinders mal huh? Do they have any idea what things cost these days? The problem with our kids is… We’re living in the so-called more affluent areas of Windhoek now… with white neigbours. White kids kamma play different games on a daily basis…my f*k…
Today for example they play Lego toys, tomorrow, they build sand castles, the next day they play 30 seconds… en al daai k*k… My kids don’t have do shit like that. They can’t play themes, so when my kids go over there ou Japie would tell him: “Nee ou maat, ons het gister playstation gespeel, vandag bou ons sand kastele.” He comes back bosbef*k.
“Ja daddy, can we go to Maerua Mall… I want to go trampoline jumping?”
When I come back from Swakop, I will moer these kids to my mother’s house in Katutura. What happened to our society, our kids can’t be by themselves anymore? Kids must learn how we kept ourselves busy during the long holidays of May-June.
Draadkarretjies – This does not translate in English, I love this.
Tyre stoot – Put two broom sticks on both sides of the tyre, throw water in the base of the tyre… Vrrrrpaaaa… your own GTI Golf!
Dokter-Dokter – My favorite game… I preferred to be the doctor, my consultancy room was daai ou Ford Cortina oorkant onse huis by die tiep. Nuff said!
Let’s pray for this holiday to come to an end asseblief… My budget is moer toe!
Happy Easter to you all.

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