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Oupa Ghollie Stories

Oupa Ghollie Stories

Okay, we are officially in a drought situation in Namibia, there’s nothing else we can do but to take corrective measures to get us through this depressing time in our country.
Maar ja, life is tough enough, I can’t write about such depressing things, times are hard enough out here for all of us. Let’s leave those to the people who can stomach that pressure on a daily basis because I can’t sowaar. The cool thing for me though was two weekends ago when we had a weekend of drizzling rain… followed by a good strong down pour of I think two days in the week.
Now as Namibians growing up in a semi-desert country we welcome any, any amount of rain. We get so stupid and excited over rain we wonder what Mozambique and Zimbabwe bitch about when they had their monsoons!
When we got home the afternoon there was this big down pour, with some serious bliksemse donderweer flashing up the late evening. Now when lightning strikes like that, I remember as kids we were moerse scared as to what to do. My little daughter almost lost her mind because the thunder and lightning, the house trembling due to the thunder also didn’t help.
Now this is where most of us go back to the 70-80’s bygelowe …our parents used to scare us, so it is our job to put the fear of Oupa Ghollie into ours!
The first thing you do is tell your child, ‘’ moenie rooi aantrek nie, dit blitz!’’ Then you tell them not to stand in front of a mirror, switch off the TV! By the time we channeled that through the kids they were so scared to do anything they could not even think about going to the bathroom!
It made me think of a few myths we grew up with that I can’t seem to shake as strong as I claim my faith is.
Never open an umbrella in the house -dis kamma badluck, badluck how mense please explain?
My nose is itching – You will get into a moerse fight with someone. Trust me, I got moered at school so many times without any itchy nose!
Don’t sweep dirt out your house at night- You kamma sweep all the good luck out the door, jiir asb! I’ve been keeping dirt indoors for the last 20 years, ek het nog nie n tender gekry nie!
My linker hand jeuk, hier kom geld! I mean seriously, I heard about many itchy hands… In this economy, nuff said!
I heard a few from a Boer friend of mine. “As jy hik, is iemand besig met jou vrou.”
As n spieël breek in jou huis, dan is jy vir sewe jaar in jou moer in!
As jou nek hare rys dan loop iemand oor jou graf!
Asb mense , stop this nonsense . I don’t believe any of this nonsense for one second!
Wait a minute… my right hand is itching what does that mean?

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