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West Side Drive

I love the coast it’s my favorite destination whenever I want to take short holiday breaks. Being a Windhoeker all my life, I just can’t do the hot and humid spots out of my own free will. The Etosha’s, Damaraland goede I prefer to go there during winter time . My idea of quality of life is not 45 degrees of heat, I’m just not a summer guy. Flies, mosquitoes and sweat is just not how I like to spend my days .
I get the opportunity to host many events and shows at the coast. So driving down there for the cool breeze and views are very much to my liking. If time and money allows, I would love to retire down there one day. Mara hosting events in Walvis Bay always leaves me with two dilemmas. Number one, I can’t enjoy a glass of wine in Walvis Bay because I have to drive back to Swakopmund. We know how dangerous that road can be at night and I will not be jailed for drunk driving. What will my mother say huh? Well, the second thing why I don’t like to drive down that road at night is uuhh…ummm. Okay how do I put this. And let the record state please, eks nie n bang gat of n bangbroek nie asb! But ever since I came to the coast for over 25 years I’ve been told there is this phenomenon of this white woman. Ja mense, you must have heard about her, gons! This white woman, she kamma walks between Swakopmund and Walvisbay asking for a lift. Die scary k*k is she’s a ghost! She’s been stalking that road now for many many years kamma looking for her kids, normally around Easter! Apparently she was in a car accident many years ago on this road, she returned as a ghost . What is scary is she kamma just jumps in your car, sitting next to you dan vra sy vir n gwai( cigarette)! Jiir is die vrou mal huh!??
Julle van Swakkies eni Baai, wats die storie hierso, who is this woman? I normally drive with my rear-view mirror turned away from my face, netnou sien ek die donnerse vrou se gesig van agter af my f*k! Ek sal mos my broek vol skuit if I see that! If you drive on that road and you happen to meet her at night, do a few things to protect yourself.

  1. Anointing oil. Ek warif*kol wat julle se nie, I’m getting a 500ml bottle from Pastor Lukau!
  2. Gee die vrou n gwai(cigarette ) , apparently she likes smoking .
  3. Yes, chew it! White ghosts don’t like garlic, this might however not work in Katutura , our Tokoloshis are only scared of books, they don’t like reading!

White people, and now you will sit there and judge me as to why I say it’s a white woman. Your own people confirmed this. Ou boere oompie said this in person to me when I asked. Kyk Neville, dis n wit vrou daai ek promise jou. Daar is geen manier dis n meid daai nie. Ek kan jou belowe, as dit n meid was, het n Duitse oom haar lankal opgetel ! I still don’t know what this means though …..




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