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Zula for life

Driving around Windhoek on a Friday night with the kids listening to radio is just my thing.
We stopped over at one of the local outlets in the middle of town to buy those nice Italian ice cream treats, yummy… Love the mixture of coconut and litchi flavors combined.
Now what I furthermore hate of Mevrou and her children and ladies out there… All men hate this, it’s that next question: “kan ek ook joune proe asb? ‘’ My f*k Marelize, you have your own asseblief… Why do you want to have a lick of mine?!
Now stopping at the next robot we know mos there are two sightings that you can’t escape as much as your eyes want to… The prostitute on the corner waving at you discreetly with Mevrou asking you that k*k question: “Ken daai vrou jou?’’ I normally ignore it and continue driving, while I’m thinking… Think what you like, ekt nou nie tyd vir daai debate nie rerig… Sobiso you not gonna win it!
The next one you see is this little snotneus boy standing at the next robot knocking on your window: “Awe meneer, outere tog n tiger daar (ten dollars). I look at him and I just drive off, with a look in my rear view mirror I can lip-read his response… Clearly showing his disgust towards me by saying: “Ai tsek sobiso‘’.
Mevrou looks at me like I’m Robert Mugabe. “Jirre my man, jy kon mos die kind iets gegee het”
Okay guys, lets debate this issue. Yes I come from ‘ekasie’ (lokasie)… I grew up not privileged at all. Sometimes when my mother would send me to the shop (Grootwinkels) we would hang around there to look kamma cool. Many kids would just hang there every day zula –zula elke dag. Trust me, some of those same guys from 1985 who zula’d there still do the same thing today. Never moved forward.
From a moral point of view, do you give streetkids money or not?
Every day when I pick up my son from school at WHS they would stand there at the robots busy zula-ing. My son asks me sometimes why I never give them money.
I understand most of those kids hail from the Gobabis or Witvlei area, farms in that vicinity. They take a hike on bakkies, come to the big city and start their zula at the robots. If everyone from 9h00-19h00 gives them something they bag roughly between N$150 – N$200 per day.
Now if it was me bagging that per day just to zula, se moer ek gaan nie terug plaas toe nie!
Now the question remains, is it morally correct to refuse them money or not?
I understand some charities try to help these kids but they end up on the streets again cos it’s an easier way to live. This is a social problem that affects all of us, but me giving him money in my view won’t solve the problem… I might harm him even further.
Ons is almal van die kas “lokasie”, but we need to rise above our situation and try to assist those unfortunate ones with better constructive projects to assist communities.
And white people, los tog nou daai k*k verskoning van “julle swart mense moet ophou so baie kinders maak”! Julle Boere moet ver gaan speel, we have elections to win!

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