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Resident threatens to sue town council

Resident threatens to sue town council

Resident threatens to sue town council
Not done: Henry Shimutwikeni and Lukas Johannes._Photo: Maria David

Maria David

AN ONGWEDIVA resident whose land was sold by the town council to a well-known businessman is threatening to sue the council for gross negligence.

The council sold Lukas Haivela Johannes’ land to the Standtoll Properties of prominent businessman Ben Zaaruka in 2010, belatedly engaged the land owner in 2016 and only paid compensation this month.

The family intend to sue the Ongwediva Town Council for N$ 2.5 million, as they felt cheated of their property.

Johannes is due to pay Stantoll Properties lawyer the legal cost of N$129 509.54 after he lost the case which started in 2018.

According to the family’s spokesperson, Tangy Mike Tshilongo, the family feels humiliated and neglected by town council, as it failed to follow the Local Authority Act.

“We will sue them, even Chapter 3 Article 16 of the constitution alluded that you can’t sell neither expropriate someone’s property without compensating him/ her,” said Tshilongo.

He explained that the aim of suing council will be a lesson which it will learn from.

He added that they do not want what happened to Johannes and his family to happen to another family.

Approached for comment, spokesperson of the town, Jackson Muma, said that the last time they engaged the family was when they came to sign for their compensation.

Muma added that council is not aware of any plans to file a lawsuit to against them.

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