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You know, it’s kinda weird going through our daily lives rushing from pillar to post to try and get things done on a daily basis. Taking care of your family, loving them unconditionally, smile and be cordial towards everyone on a daily basis eish , is nie maklik nie etse. Schools started recently, our two older sons just started University this week, those two moegoes were so confused stepping into this new life again. It was another chapter in our lives we do embrace with so much joy also. Now I was sitting back this week, while sipping on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to find a bit perspective of my life. People, believe me. Nothing gives you more perspective than a glass of dry red wine. Everything just seems to slow down, I see everything in 3-D after one glass sowaar, try it ! Moments like that reveals the truth about yourself and everything around you. I sat down and I was brutally honest for the first time how I view my life the last 40+ years. This is my take on the different levels of life. Okay for me. Go write your own asseblief tog!

Age 0 -20: Man, now this was the good life. I could not care less about nothing and nobody around me. You live well-protected by your family and friends. If my family went through a financial crisis, sowaar I didn’t know about it cos we ate every night. My only worry at this age was to go dub the latest Freddie Jackson cassette or where I will get money to go to Club Thriller on Friday night.

Age 21- 30: Jiiir nee, no man wants to go through this period of your life! This for me was the most difficult and confusing period ever, ever! Is this the right job to take, is she the right woman for me? Can I trust her HIV status? Moet ek die man nou moer of next week? Should I stay at my mother’s house or should I move out? Is she the right one to marry or not? Mukuru, oumba tjiri…isi maklik nie mense. For all the transgressions we commit in our 20s normally defines what you gonna do going forward in life. If I hear a negative rumor about myself I go sit in a corner and cry. Very fragile stage of life.

Age 30-40. Hardegat, self-righteous! Jy sal my nie k*k vertel nie. I’m invincible, if you don’t like my music, leave my house! If they don’t want to sign the deal, hulle moere we find someone else! I am immortal, let me see how fast this car moves between Keetmanshoop and Mariental. It’s me mos, Neville Basson. It’s impossible, I can’t die in a car accident! The level of arrogance you have at this age is beyond belief.

Age 40-50: I’m 48 this year, not 50 yet but I don’t think the status quo would change in the next 2 years, God willing I’m still alive. Calm, collected. I finally understand my strengths and weaknesses. I embrace it with great humility. I thank God every day for what I have, especially my health. I am thankful that I didn’t mess up too much in my dirty 30’s, I can still enjoy many blessings at my age. I still make mistakes but I move on quickly, I have successes but don’t brag about it publicly. Its subtly shared with my family only. Now I merely sit back and look at younger people around me repeating this same cycle. I merely give advice and not criticize, we all have our different levels of life. Enjoy the ride!

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