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Parra –Parra

Okay white people, the meaning of the word ‟parra’’ has a total different meaning as to what you guys discuss as julle lekke gesuip is op ’n Vrydag aand! Parra-Parra is the lokasie name we gave to the military police. Where it comes from sowaar ek ken nie, maara nou hulle is Parra-Parra!

Hornkranz, yes ja! That’s the name of the base which the Great Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi used to launch his attacks against the enemy at the time. We are all Namibians, so whoever were terrorists, colonialists, apologists or reactionaries.. opuwo is nou klaar. We are together now ‘turipamwe’. Ja so Omeb launched operation Hornkranz mos in December. He went mos on a klopjag mission with the ‛Parra-Parra’ to see what is the crime situation in the country. I saw the President driving through Evelyn street goede, talking to the jitas late at night. I think the presence it created while he was on the streets showed that Omeb has an interest in the well-being and safety of all Namibian citizens. I was in Swakop this past holidays, I saw these guys patrol the streets, esses man! Man kani eers n malt koop by Strongbar nie, then they are there! As jy poep, they are there vakwetu. The crime statistics went down immediately since they started this campaign. Now I see people are also not happy now. Etse, is ons hoeka mal of wat? We used to complain this whole time, our army is fat and lazy. They lie around in the barracks drinking punya-punya and eating kapana! Now finally Omeb decided is nou klaar, if we can’t have a war to keep yourself busy with lets send our troops out there to clean up crime! Guys come on now, look at the statistics. Crime is down, drunk driving cases down. Dis mos goed so povii? We congratulate the army for a job well done, even though the criminals don’t agree with you being on the street, ek is nxa met daai. But as you all know, with every good thing, daar’s altyd n bietjie k*k ook . We understand that these guys can be quite ruthless in dealing with the public. Comrade Parra-Parra, stataag stataag tog asseblief broer. Don’t start abusing our human rights in the name of fighting crime.

Dis tog Januarie asb, we can’t do push-ups when we are drunk 02h00 in the morning. After 20 push-ups I will have to go get drunk again, with this January economy it’s tough to buy more beer!

If I record what you do, don’t moer me please. It’s my democratic right to film a public official. Don’t try and get the film out my camera also, its digital. This is not 1985 or Ongulumbashe tog asb!

Go for training to the Philippines, President Duterte has a manual how to deal with drug lords. If I was President, I would kill every drug lord point blank in this country. From Walvis Bay, Oshikango, Gobabis to Noordoewer! Yes, I said it!

Daai Wamboes klap hard mense, don’t swear at them no matter how drunk you are. He will look at you asking ‟Jy vroek vil my’’?! Trust me, jou k*k is geboek, mohana.

So fellow Namibians, let’s work with the Parra-Parra to keep Namibia Great. Ooops, amper Trumpanitis!

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