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Oka’storie yandje, my storie ja.

Oka’storie yandje, my storie ja.

Oka’storie yandje, my storie ja.

Heppie heppie new year to all of you I’ve not wished yet. Yes this is the time of the year you can kiss another man’s wife and plead sheer “happy new year” innocence if he confronts you.

Etse my broer, kalam tog it’s just an innocent kiss. My mouth was closed, ask her why she opened hers! Now ja, since we have that out of the way I have issue with you Namibians who went out of your way die hele week en gat vat van my. You have no idea the pain and suffering I endured this whole week kumukuru tjiri, dan lag julle my nog uit ti’tse. What happened to Harambee, No one must be left behind goede? Maar nee, julle lag my uit because I could not buy my school clothes on time. Wag net, the day the Germans pay out the reparations money I shall remember all of you wat so lekker gat gevat het die hele week. Now you see, verstaan tog mense dit was festive! Many things happened during December, I just could not get myself to Boundries. I have my own reasons why things just did not work out like it was supposed to. As long as those lines were at Boundries and Waltons goede, it was very clear to me that many Namibians like myself had the same problem this past week. So bly net in julle baan asb, I have my own reasons. Here are my valid “truskot’” (True as God) reasons .

When Liverpool beat us 5-1 my body went into a complete shock, I needed a few days to recover. There was no way I could handle facing certain moegoes from Liverpool out there at Boundries, cos I know they were there.

I had to save money for the House Fest that took place in Mondesa, there’s no way that school fees, school uniforms were priority. I don’t need that negativity in my life, dis tog festive mbuae. And leave my age out of the discussion, I’ve seen a few toppies older than me there looking for their..ahem..”daughters” !

I was moered by the Taakmag ( parra-parra) one night. These guys don’t understand Omeb’s Operation Hornkranz so lekker nie. I can only do 7 push-ups during festive season, my back was moer toe seer. I could not go for shopping.

Mevrou had to do her hair and nails, no other responsibility can be above that. Its every man’s duty to see that your wife’s hair and nails are taken care of, opi swakste …die kinders se moere.

So mense, xute tog asb.. los my uit.. I will be better prepared for Waltons and Boundries in November 2019. So that’s my storie, whats all your excuses who were standing in those long queues?  Happy new year to you all!

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