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Youngsters claim police assaulted them

Youngsters claim police assaulted them

Youngsters claim police assaulted them
Pictured: Kandi Aron._Photo Contributed

Marthina Mutanga

NAMIBIAN police officers have taken the law into their own hands by slapping and physically abusing a group of young people who were just sitting and hanging out at the Klein Windhoek Schwerinsburg street last Saturday.
The victims claimed that in their eagerness to find illicit drugs on the youngsters, the female officers allegedly poured a drink on one of the people being searched.
Kandi Aron one of the victims that got manhandled quite badly and is still in a very emotional state, explained that she was forced to do push-ups. She said she refused because she didn’t do anything wrong.
“The police officer pulled up claiming there was a noise complaint, when there was no music playing. My cousin and I were away from the crowd, basically on the opposite side of the hill. After manhandling the other people the officers rounded us up trying to assess what we saw,” said Kandi.
Kandi explained that they were just standing looking over the city lights and the police officers pointed a finger at her claiming that she was defying him.
“When I answered him that I did not have anything to do with the other people he proceeded to slap me and then turned on my cousin demanding she do push-ups.”
The officer threatened them and said that he was going to put her in jail for not doing the push-ups and one of her friends came to grab her and kept her calm almost as if protecting her from the police officer.
“My thoughts were just how a police officer in uniform could think he has the power to touch me,” Aron said.
She claimed to have opened a case the next day at the Klein Windhoek police station because it is the closest to where she lives.
Kandi claimed that she kept on calling the investigative officer to help her identify the team that was dispatched on the evening she was assaulted, but to no avail.
Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi from the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division confirmed the incident and said the relevant authorities within the police are investigating the matter.

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