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Youngster admits to murder, denies rape

Youngster admits to murder, denies rape

Youngster admits to murder, denies rape
Eldrin Goliath

A YOUNG man from Rehoboth on Wednesday testified that he strangled a teenage girl after they had consensual sexual intercourse in a building under construction.

Eldrin Goliath,22, admitted that he strangled Camilla Steyn, 16, because she scratched him after their intimate encounter. Goliath, who also faces a rape and robbery charge, denied raping or robbing the deceased. According to him, the two walked from a local bar before smoking cannabis.

“We met at a bar. Steyn told me she needed an escort from the bar as her then boyfriend was not around. When we got to a building under construction, I held her by her neck for about 14 to 15 seconds and when I let go of her she struggled to stand up. After choking her, she became weak, coughing and fell to the ground. I freaked out and ran home, only to be told the next day that she died,” Goliath said.

The State alleges that he robbed Steyn of her sneakers and cellphone, which according to him were not stolen items as he acquired permission from the deceased to have them in his backpack. Goliath claims that he forgot he had the items.

Steyn’s best friend, Britney Engelbrecht, also took to the stand to testify that Steyn was not a cannabis smoker, nor did she ever cheat on her then boyfriend and therefore had no reason to cheat on the night she was killed.

“We were very close and we spoke about anything. Although she smoked tobacco previously, she never consumed cannabis,” Engelbrecht said.

The trial continues before Judge Christie Liebenberg.

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