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Women still bottom feeders in employment hierarchy

Women still bottom feeders in employment hierarchy

Zorena Jantze

DESPITE lengthy commitments to gender equality, women continue to be bottom feeders in Namibia’s labour market, with men occupying 80% of Executive director positions.

This is according to the newly released Employment Equity report 2017/18, by the Employment Equity Commission (EEC).

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The commission’s figures indicate that a total 1,008 men occupy Executive Director positions, while only 260 women are Executive Directors.

When it comes to Senior Management positions, a total of 2,406 positions are occupied by men, while only 1,305 females occupy senior management positions. The previously racially disadvantaged accounted for 63% of managerial positions, however, white employees who comprised only 4% of the total workforce, accounted for 29% of positions at management levels.

This disproportionate racial composition of managers has been consistent over the years and should be redressed, the EEC noted

Relevant employers across all industrial sectors recorded an aggregated 9,472 promotions during the 2017/18 review period – 36% of who were women and a mere 0,2% were persons with disabilities.

A total of 54,529 employees parted ways with their employers across all industrial sectors during the 2017/18 review period – 96% of who were persons in designated groups and 39% were women, while 0,2% were persons with disabilities and 2% were non-Namibians.

Persons in designated groups accounted for 67% of the managers whose contracts were terminated during the period under review.

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