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A CONVICTED murderer who in 2015 fatally assaulted and stabbed 40-year-old Cathy Gatone after a drinking spree
with her friends, has refused to apologise for the murder, and is instead lodging an appeal against his conviction.

Gatone’s mother, Rachel, 71, testi­fied in aggravation before sentencing on Wednesday that Elwen
Ganaxab, 39, to date has not apologised to her family, nor has he contributed
towards the funeral. During trial, it emerged that on 18 August 2015, Gatone
and her other two friends went drinking at a bar in Otjomuise, where they met
Ganaxab.Ganaxab reportedly bought drinks for the women expecting them to have sexual intercourse with him
afterwards. After they refused to leave with him to a hotel that he of­fered to
pay for, Ganaxab, who was then employed by the Ministry of Environment, charged
at the women with a broken bottle. He reportedly stabbed and cut open Gatone’s
stom­ach, leaving her intestines exposed. As she lay on the ground, he took a
stone and smashed her head in, killing her instantly.

Her mother told the court that Gatone’s two children, aged 15 and 19, have been sent to boarding
school following the death of their mother. At her funeral, Rachel said,
Gatone’s face was not viewed by family and friends because of the brutal and
vicious manner she was killed. She pleaded with the court to permanently remove
Ganaxab from society as he is still a threat to her daughter’s surviving

During mitigation, Ganaxab did not offer to testify but instead had his lawyer, Mbanga Siyomdji
submit written documents, in which he stat­ed that he had three children and
has been married for 16 years. He also asked for mercy in sentencing.

State Advocate Cliff Lutibezi, however, said that the mitigating factors should have no effect
on sen­tencing because of the seriousness of the offence.

“He is a dangerous
per­son. There was no chance of survival because of the manner in which he
crushed her head. His behaviour on that day was so irrational. We, there­fore,
seek for life imprisonment for murder and six years for the assault charge,”

Lutibezi said.

Speaking to Informanté on the side, Ganaxab said he will not apol­ogise for something he did not do.

“There were so many people at the bar that night. I could have been with anyone else. Surveillance cam­eras can prove
it. I am innocent and therefore I will appeal my convic­tion,”

Ganaxab said.

Judge Alfred Siboleka postponed the matter to 17 October for sen­tencing.

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