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Woman hacked to death, body burned beyond recognition

Woman hacked to death, body burned beyond recognition

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Marthina Mutanga

ACTS of extreme violence against women continue unabated in Namibia after yet another discovery of the charred body of Katrina Silas, age unknown, that was found amongst the ashes of her burned shack.
Police believe Silas was first murdered with an axe by her boyfriend before he set her shack on fire in an attempt to cover up the crime.
According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations division, it is further suspected that the couple had an argument before the murder and burning of the shack in the early hours of Sunday morning.
“The murder weapon was found stuck in the neck of the deceased person. Neighbours reported that the woman and her boyfriend were heard fighting at about 01:00. The shack fire occurred at 04:00 in the Nalitungwe informal settlement in Windhoek, said Shikwambi.
Shikwambi added that a case of murder was registered at the Wanaheda Police Station shortly after the incident.
She indicated that no arrest has been made yet.
This is the third act of extreme violence towards women reported with the Namibian Police in less than four days.
During the first incident, the 22-year-old Selma Uupindi was critically wounded when she was shot several times by her ex-boyfriend, a constable in the Namibian Police, while she was walking down a street of the Kuisebmond residential area of Walvis Bay on Thursday afternoon.
Early investigations into the matter indicated that the act of violence was the result of an ongoing quarrel between the young woman and the officer.
On Friday afternoon, a man hacked his girlfriend and her sister to death with a panga.
After also wounding a hearing impaired woman during the attack, the murderer committed suicide by hanging himself with a piece of steel wire from a nearby tree.
The murder weapon was found under the same tree.

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