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Woman escapes rape

Woman escapes rape

Woman escapes rape
IN SHOCK: The woman who claims she escaped being raped._Photo: Zorena Jantze

Zorena Jantze

FRANTIC screams for help last night and running down Dr. Kenneth Kaunda street might have been the saving grace for a woman who insists that she escaped a potential rapist.

The incident, which took place around 20:00, forced curious Informanté staff outside the office after a woman’s screams for help could be heard from a distance. When journalists arrived at the scene, the victim, whose name is known to the reporter, set on the pavement, out of breath, disarrayed and with a huge bump on her forehead.

The woman recounted that she went for a drink at JJ’s bar located in the government park area, and decided to go to a friend’s place afterwards.

While walking up the hill on the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda street, she noticed that a man she saw at the bar was hot on her trail.

“I ran back down the hill after I saw he was following me. However, he caught up with me and tried to strangle me, and even hit me with a rock on the forehead. He wanted to rape me,” the woman said.

The suspect, however, denied the allegations, instead accusing the woman of offering him sex for N$150.

“We came from JJs and walked up the hill to find a quiet place on the mountain to have sex, however, after we reached there, she changed her mind after seeing a car pass by and said that too many people are around and that they might spot us during the act,” the unidentified suspect said.

He further stated that the women bit him on his hands and tried to run away after he had paid her.

“You are running away with my money but we didn’t f***k! It’s better to give me my money back. If you are not a prostitute, why did you go to the hill with me?” the suspected assailant argued in the presence of security guards.

Upon search of the women’s handbag for the alleged money she tried to escape with, no money was found.

Police arrived on the scene a few minutes later, and the two were both escorted to the police station. At the time of going to print, it was not clear if the woman had opened any case against him.

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