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Woman denies trafficking girls in exchange for food

Woman denies trafficking girls in exchange for food

Eba Kandovazu

A FORMER farm worker at a farm near Okahandja has vehemently denied that she lured teenage girls from her village using the promise of jobs when she had in fact organising them for men.

Tuufilwa Jonas, who faces four rape charges, in that she forced a 15-year-old girl into having nonconsensual sex with four different men.

Pictured: Tuufilwa Jonas hiding from the camera. Photo by Eba Kandovazu

The rape incidents allegedly occurred in 2017.

The men, who resided around the farm, still have not been traced by the police and to date have not been arrested.

The girl, whose name cannot be revealed, hails from the Okahenge village, where Jonas is also from.

Three other girls from the same village have also come forward to testify that Jonas also offered them jobs at Okahandja.

During cross examined by the state, Jonas was quick to point out that everyone who had testified against her was her enemy and that they are lying.

The state is alleging that Jonas would get money, carrots, warthog heads, meat and sugar as compensation from the men.

She, however, denies receiving money from anything of the men.

The 15-year-old girl’s transport from the north was paid for by one of the men, the state is alleging. When she arrived, she was force to move in with a certain John Puariuane, who paid for her transport.

“I have never negotiated with these girls that I would give them jobs. They came to Okahandja to visit me because I am the only person they knew there.  They in fact called me. These girls all came together and constituted lies about me because they travelled together when they came to court. I am not a hungry person. Why would anyone ever agree to be sold for food?” Jonas said.

State Prosecutor Felistas Shikerete put it to the suspect that the reason the girl could not report the issue was because she was intimidated and afraid of Jonas.

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