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Woman blames nurses’ negligence for baby’s death

Woman blames nurses’ negligence for baby’s death

Maria David

A WOMAN, whose baby died in the Tsumeb State Hospital while giving birth one week ago, blamed nurses who were on duty for the death of her newborn child after they allegedly ignored her calls for help.
Latichia Olivier claimed her baby’s death remain a mystery to her because when she gave birth early in the morning on October 08 the bay came out head first.

Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

She said went to the hospital, when her water broke. She claimed a nurse who examined her told her that she was only 4 cm dilated and need to go back to her room around 03:00 when she started feeling the contraction pains.

Speaking to Informanté on Wednesday, she said the nurses refused to help her, leaving her to give birth to a dead baby, despite being informed that all was well with the baby’s heart and that she was far from delivering.
The 19-year-old Olivier says she was admitted at 13:00 on Monday. The nurses apparently only kept telling her that she was not due and need to stay in her room and wait for the right time.

Olivier explained that after going back for the 4th time, she was then only told that her baby’s head was swolen and that she was 9 cm dilated. She said she received no assistance for about an hour and 30 minutes.
“I was in terrible pain. I called and screamed out but the nurses did not react immediately, they instead said that I should go to the toilet to push on myself resulting in my cervix and baby’s head swelling up even more,” she said.

According to Olivier, she noticed that her baby was not moving and had an open mouth, but nurses who attended to her were failing to inform her of what caused the death of her child.

“Every human being must have a cause of death, but my baby had nothing both on the health passport and death certificate and there is no report with details stating the cause,” said Olivier.
She said that she is not planning to file charges against the hospital, but she wants the nurses involved to be removed from service, as they will continue to mistreat patients if no action is taken.

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