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Woman accused of murdering her baby granted bail

Woman accused of murdering her baby granted bail

Placido Hilukilwa
THE 38-year-old Loide Stefanus, the woman accused of murder and of concealment of birth, appeared in the Okahao Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday and was granted bail of N$800.
Stefanus was arrested by the Namibian Police on Monday after the body of a newly born baby boy was dug up by dogs in the yard of a private residence in the Ongongolwa village in the Tsandi Constituency of the Omusati Region.
The macabre incident was only discovered Monday when residents saw dogs eating something strange. A closer look revealed that it was the body of a dead baby.
It is alleged that Stefanus, who is originally from Ontanda village, gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, tied the new born child tightly in a plastic bag before burying him in a shallow grave inside the fence of the house in the Ongongolwa village where she was employed as domestic worker.
After the accused person was informed of the charges against her and what her rights as an accused person with regards to legal representation are, the presiding magistrate granted her bail of N$800 and postponed the matter until 12 September this year to allow the police time to investigate the matter further.