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Water supply restored in the north

Water supply restored in the north

Placido Hilukilwa

THE water crisis in the northern region of Namibia appears to be over.

Water taps are running again and the water canal that channels water from Calueque in Angola to NamWater’s purifination plants at Ogongo and Oshakati is once again flowing to its full capacity.

This follows several days of water scarcity as a result of the rehabilitation works to the canal, allegedly deliberately vandalised by drought stricken cattle farmers.

According to NamWater, the fixing of the canal was completed in record time and water is once again flowing into the two water purification plants.

“Normal water supply is expected by Tuesday in Oshana, Oshikoto and Ohangwena,” said NamWater’s spokesperson, Johannes Shigwedha.

He pointed out that water is not like electricity, which reaches its destination instantly.

“It takes time before the consumers at far away villages and at the end of the line receive water. This is because consumers at the beginning of the line receive water first, and because the demand is high, water slows down and takes some times to reach them,” he explained.

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