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Water supply continues to be a major concern

Water supply continues to be a major concern

Zorena Jantze
Khomas Region governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua has stated that despite on ongoing drilling to increase water supply from the Windhoek Aquifer the fact remains that water supply continues to be a major challenge given that the interior of the country has already surpassed the point where the inland water sources can no longer sustain the ever-increasing demand for water.
Addressing how the Khomas Region has fared in terms of water provision as well as sanitation to its ever growing population, the governor stated: “The poor rainy seasons over the past years brought about an ominous depletion of our water supply sources”.
McLeod-Katjirua however stated that currently Government is ensuring a sustainable water supply to the central region mainly through three ongoing projects, which, include a comprehensive exploration of suitable drilling sites within the Windhoek Aquifer; the subsequent drilling and equipping of 12 deep well, large diameter boreholes in the Windhoek area and the linking of these to the Windhoek water supply network.
She further added that the City of Windhoek intends to establish a new bulk conveyance infrastructure from the dedicated well fields.
“These projects allowed for increased abstraction on the previous available capacity from the Windhoek Aquifer during emergency situations. However to support the wellbeing, aspirations and growth of our region and at the same time being mindful of the challenges of our fragile environment, we will all have to work together towards establishing efficiency in water-use fitting to the arid environment we reside in while national efforts to remedy the situation are ongoing.” McLeod-Katjirua said.
With regard to the provision of water and sewer infrastructure services in informal settlements, McLeod-Katjirua stated that during the previous financial year, the City completed a multi-million dollar project to provide individual house connections to recently formalised erven in the low-income area of Havana.
She added that a similar project will be rolled out further to areas identified in Otjomuise, Katutura and Havana.
“There is however a substantial cost associated with these projects and it can only be done as financial resources are availed. The City is currently busy with additional projects investigating the further expansion of the utilization of the Windhoek Aquifer as well as addressing quality concerns that were experienced in the past. This is in line with the City’s aim to deliver sufficient water of an acceptable quality to all its residents,” she added.
To abate the rising cases of Hepatitis E, the governor stated that emergency funding to the value of N$50 million was provided for sanitation and better access to potable water to the residents. In addition a total of 142 Toilets out of 223 (64%).) Furthermore she added that 34 Bids have been received in aid of covering up certain water streams and sites within the area and will commence soon.

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