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Wanted criminal shot while resisting arrest

Wanted criminal shot while resisting arrest

Niël Terblanché

A CASE of murder was registered against an officer of the Namibian Police after John Dauseb, a criminal wanted on several warrants of arrest, was fatally wounded during a scuffle with the arresting officers on Sunday night.


According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, from the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division the incident occurred at around 22:00 at a bar in Max Eixab Street when undercover police officers attempted to arrest Dauseb. She said the suspect sustained a fatal wound in the abdomen after he attacked and injured one of the arresting officers.


“When the officer tried to apprehend the man who is wanted for several armed robbery cases, a friend of his threw a bottle and hit one of the officers on his head. The person, who threw the bottle, ran away and one of the officers gave chase.”


In the meantime Dauseb became violent while in the process of being arrested. He stabbed the police officer affecting the arrest in the right hand with a sharp object.


According to Chief Inspector Shikwambi the officer fired a warning shot which the violent attacker ignored and when he still attacked he was shot in the abdomen. The wound was fatal and Duaseb died on the spot.


Video: John Dauseb resisting arrest by undercover police officers. The footage was taken shortly before he was shot in the abdomen by one of the officers on Sunday evening. – Footage: Contributed


Shikwambi said the fatal shot was fired in self defence.


“The officer received treatment for the injuries sustained during the attack and is reported to be in a stable condition.”


A murder case was registered and is currently under investigation by the Internal Investigation Directorate.


“This is an unfortunate and regrettable incident which could have been avoided had the suspects cooperated with the officers who only intended to affect a lawful arrest. The public must cooperate when approached by law enforcement officers. Fighting, threatening, injuring and undermining the officers in the execution of their duties serves no purpose, it is a wrong approach because in most cases it always turns out disastrous. It must be avoided at all times.”


Chief Inspector Shikwambi said when a suspect feels that there is a breach in the execution of the arrest; it can be addressed at the station. She said the public must keep in mind that the officers does not and cannot affect arrests for nothing.


“Surely there must be a contravention of the law that must result in the arrest of offenders. The public are also discouraged from inciting violence, and supporting offenders during arrests, they seriously contribute to non-cooperation by offenders.”


In another incident a police officer was seriously wounded when he along with other officers were trying to arrest a gang of fraudsters who stole N$300 000 from an 83-year-old resident of Eros in Windhoek while impersonating police officers.


The elderly victim of the fraudsters reported the case where the N$300 000 were stolen from him in 2018.


On Thursday the same gang of fraudsters managed to steal an amount of N$4 500 and a cell phone from the same victim by the suspects pretending to be Police Officers.


According to the crime bulletin a covert operation was arranged for the complainant to meet the suspects at Natis, Northern Industrial area at about 14h00 on Friday.


Police officers approached the suspects but they fled, some in a getaway car and one on foot. The suspect who fled on foot was intercepted and arrested under the Monte Cristo bridge near the Nampower coal fired power station.


In the process a police officer was shot and wounded. The officer was rushed to the hospital where he is currently in a stable condition.
The police recovered a Samsung cell phone and N$4 500 while a search has been launched for the other gang members.


A 24-year-old man was arrested by the Stampriet Police after he also assaulted a police officer attempting to affect an arrest.


According to the crime bulletin, the suspect put up a fight when officers accosted him. He bit fought the officers and at one stage during the scuffle, bit one of the arresting policemen on his right thigh.


The incident occurred on Friday evening at Farm Auros in the area of Stampriet. The suspect was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer in executing his duties and assault on a police officer.