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Vocational training must be promoted

Vocational training must be promoted

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Uplifting the future generation. Photo by Aili Iilonga

Aili Iilonga
VOCATIONAL Training Centers have long been perceived as centers that only accommodate failed school leavers who could not get into universities, creating a stigma with regards to the importance of vocational traing in the country.
According to the Namibia Training Authority, the bad attitude has caused the organization to develop new education policies that aim to demystify public perception on vocational training.
The NTA launched Phase Two of Live Your Passion campaign that will help change public opinion about Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Namibia.
The campaign will air of NBC as from next week Tuesday until November, profiling different career option in different vocational training fields.
Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Itah Kandji-Murangi said that TVET sector has the potential to become a master key that can alleviate poverty and sustain development.
“Since TVET transformation drive that started in 2015, we have attracted more young people to the sector. However, the sustained and systematic stigmatization of TVET career options and deeply entrenched societal perceptions about TVET career threaten to derail the significant progress made over recent years in transforming the sector.” She said.
She also mentioned that parents often tend to force their dreams on their children instead of guiding the children to fulfill their own desires.
“Often parents push their children to over-achieve at school in subjects and areas in which they have no interest. We do so because we believe that a university education is the best education, she said.
The campaign which was rolled out in 2016, will air 20 episodes on NBC with the first episode on Deputy Executive Director of the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Raimo Naanda who in his youthful days was a welder.

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