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Vigilance leads to arrest of three robbery suspects

Vigilance leads to arrest of three robbery suspects

Niël Terblanché

VIGILANT members of the Namibian Police at Divundu arrested two men and a woman suspected to be involved with the cash-in-transit robbery in the central business district of Katima Mulilo on Saturday morning after a relentless search was launched for them.


Deputy Commissioner Evans Simasiku, the Zambezi Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator confirmed the arrest late on Sunday afternoon and said that approximately N$122 000 of the stolen N$663 713 have been recovered after officers stopped and searched a vehicle in which the two men and the woman were travelling.


“We were looking for four male suspects. The region wide search resulted in the arrest of two men and a woman. The involvement of the woman that was taken into custody will also form part of the investigation. We are still looking for two other men and the N$550 000 that is still outstanding,” he said.

Video: A Namibian Police officer recovers a large amount of cash from the air vents in the engine compartment of a vehicle that was stopped and searched at Divundu. Two men and a woman were arrested because of their suspected involvement in a cash-in-transit robbery in Katima Mulilo on Saturday morning. – Footage: Contributed.

The portion of the stolen cash found in possession of the suspects was wrapped in black refuge bags and hidden away in the engine compartment in the air vents of the vehicle that the suspects were travelling in.


The daring robbery occurred at about 09:00 at the Metro shopping complex in Katima Mulilo’s central business district when four men overpowered an employee of Northern Security that was busy collecting cash from businesses in town for banking purposes. The robbers disarmed the security guard and grabbed the special cash in transit container and fled in a car that was waiting for them.


A taxi driver from Katima Mulilo, who witnessed the robbery perpetrated in broad daylight, followed the gang’s getaway vehicle but was wounded in the leg when the gang realised what the vehicle following them was up to.


After firing several shots at the taxi with the security guard’s service pistol and wounding the driver in the left leg, the robbery hang fled further on foot. The abandoned getaway vehicle was found on the outskirts of Katima Mulilo next to the road that leads to Kongola.


The Commander of the Namibian Police in the Zambezi Region, Commissioner Karel Theron said on Saturday all available officers have been mobilised to look for the four suspects.

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