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Vehicle owners urged to take anti-theft measures

Vehicle owners urged to take anti-theft measures

Placido Hilukilwa
THE Namibian Police are once again urging vehicle owners to take precautionary measures that would deter thieves or at least make it difficult – if not entirely impossible – for them to steal motor vehicles.

Photo: For illustration purposes only.

The warning follows after two motor vehicles were reported stolen in two separate incidents in the Ohangwena Region at the beginning of the week.
According to police spokesperson Andrew Nghiyolwa, a white Toyota Hilux was stolen in the Oilyateko village in the Ondobe constituency.
The incident happened either Saturday night or during the early morning hours of Sunday.
The unknown thieves pushed the vehicle for some distance before starting it and driving off.
According to Nghiyolwa all indications suggest that the stolen vehicle was taken across the border into Angola.
Another vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, was stolen at Omafo in the border town of Helao Nafidi on Monday night.

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