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Uutoni urged people to partake in sport

Uutoni urged people to partake in sport

Maria David

MINISTER of Sport Youth and National Service Erastus Uutoni, said it’s high time people really start considering sports as a major contributing factor to solve many of the social problems which includes unemployment among the youth.
Uutoni made the remarks during the official opening of the 4th Regional Councils Annual Sport Tournament (RCAST) held at Eenhana on Monday.
According to Uutoni, not only does sport provide a basis for physical fitness and healthy living, but it captures the interest of people especially young people from all over and of all ages.
“It is this unique ability to engage people and bring them together that makes sport the perfect catalyst for development projects,” said Uutoni.
He stated that sport can no longer be considered as a luxury in a workplace, but a necessity.

“I am particularly impressed and at the same time excited with the theme, ‘Improve Productivity Through Sports’. I am happy that the initiative has recognize the importance that sport and physical fitness plays in every area of our human lives,” added Uutoni.
Uutoni called on regional councils to fully support the development of sports as well as the development of sport facilities within their respective regions.
The ministry is currently hard at work to ensuring that different sport be implemented in each and every region, as always looking to having coaches in all 14 regions to maximize and improve the quality of the athletes from the region.
All 14 Regional Councils and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development will be competing in football, netball, volleyball, tug-of-war and athletics in the week-long competition.
Last year, the tournament was held in the Omaheke Region.
The Khomas Region hosted the maiden edition of the annual event in Windhoek in 2016, while Zambezi hosted the tourney in Katima Mulilo in 2017.
The tournament ends on 13 September.

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