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UPDATE: Trackers found lifeless body of missing boy

UPDATE: Trackers found lifeless body of missing boy

Niël Terblanché

THE search for the ten-year-old Lawrencias Thobias in the area of Tses ended earlier this morning when people looking for him, found his lifeless body under a bush in the veldt.


According to Detective Chief Inspector Jesaya Higoam, the acting Karas Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, the search for the little boy who went missing four days ago, entailed tracking him. He said that the terrain was difficult and that the wind and weather wiped out most of the missing boys tracks.


“When it became dark on Friday we halted the search but our officers were back searching for him since early this morning. The body was found under a bush only a few kilometres from the B1 Road and possible rescue.”


Chief Inspector Higoam said Lawrecias’ partly decomposed body was found on Farm Valkrivier and added that it suspected that he succumbed to thirst and exposure to the sun two days ago – the same day that he witnessed the tragic death of Lentina Kooper, his little five-year-old cousin.


The family’s tragic ordeal started on Tuesday when Teresia Kooper and four children were trying to reach Farm Gruisholte in the Mukorob area. They went to the road to hitchhike but later decided to walk in the direction of the farm. It is suspected that the group got lost and after a search was launched the woman was found alone and disorientated. Three of the children were found some distance away. By the time the children were found Teresia’s daughter, little Lentina had already succumbed to thirst and exposure.


After witnessing the death of his cousin Lawrencias decided to walk back to Tses but it is suspected that he lost his way again and that he also succumbed to thirst and exposure on Thursday.


Chief Inspector Higoam indicated that Teresia Kooper is still in hospital and that she is still in a state of shock while the two other children have been released and that they are back at home with their parents.