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UNAM considers changing academic roster

UNAM considers changing academic roster

Eba Kandovazu

VICE-CHANCELLOR of the University of Namibia (Unam), Professor Kenneth Matengu, announced that the higher learning institution is considering changing the start of its academic year from January to July or August.
The consideration, he said, will ensure that both the university and the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) are clear on their financial positions as their budgets are allocated during that period.
Matengu, who was appointment last year, was addressing students at the university’s first ever Academic Assembly.

Pictured: Prof. Kenneth Matengu

He told those present that the university was considering admitting students only after the final examinations are released.
“Academic years would start fully around August or September. Once the students are taken on the basis of results, it will enable the university to have a clear number of the intake and the number of students allocated NSFAF loans would be clear on their financial position,” Matengu said.
He maintained that upon the release of results, prospective students could either apply for jobs as they wait for registration or go for preparation classes.
This will, according to him, in the long run enable parents to gather the necessary funds for tuition. According to Matengu, Namibia and South Africa are the only countries in Africa that currently have academic years from January.
The VP also announced that the university is currently building a multipurpose hall as it currently pays approximately N$700 000 to host graduation ceremonies at the Safari court, which is costly to the university.
The hall, he said, will accommodate 4,000 seats.
Matengu also noted that Unam would like to become financially independent, stating that currently, the institution receives a 30% subsidy from government.

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