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Unam clarifies on new ITC system

Unam clarifies on new ITC system

Unam clarifies on new ITC system
Forward: University of Namibia’s spokesperson Johannes Haufiku._Photo: Contributed

Aili Iilonga

THE newly introduced Unam ICT integrated system has received backlash from senior students who lamented that the system has caused confusion with the new change in student numbers.

The change in student numbers has apparently also led to students being denied access to registration.

Students claim that their payments never reflected on their personal accounts during the time of registration despite having made payments.

“We deposited money into the Unam account using the old student numbers as reference but when we went to go register, our accounts were not cleared and still showing that we owe Unam despite making payments,” said a group of angry students.

Unam spokesperson, Johannes Haufiku, confirmed that the university experienced problems with the new ICT system as student numbers changed.

He, however, denied that any such cases were reported at the university.

“In those cases, it is not difficult to resolve such matters because all data from the old system has been stored. So students with such concerns should approach finance with proof of payment and the information will be transferred from the old system to the new one,” he stated.

He added that difficulties being experienced with the new system are being rectified.

The University recently ended its late registration last week Friday to accommodate changes with the new ITC integrated system.

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