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Two trial awaiting prisoners escape

Two trial awaiting prisoners escape

Two trial awaiting prisoners escape
Pictured: The escaped trial awaiting prisoners

Two trial awaiting prisoners escape

Niel Terblanche

The public’s assistance is required to trace Ndahanwapo Festus Timon also known as Shako and Taala Pandu Shingwedha, two trial awaiting prisoners who managed to escape from the police holding cells in Eenhana by cutting the bars of their cell.
Deputy Commissioner Zachariah Amakali, Ohangwena Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, confirmed the escape and said a country wide search was launched for Timon also known as Shako and Shingwedha.
“The prisoners managed to cut through the bars of one of the holding cell windows with an unknown object. After crawling out they get onto the roof of the police station and managed to get away without being seen. The incident of escape was reported on Friday morning.”
Deputy Commissioner Amakali said Timon is awaiting trial on several cases of house breaking and theft while Shingwedha was in custody on a charge of rape that stems from an incident in 2011.
The assistance of the public was also requested in tracing the two escaped prisoners. Any person who has any information about the whereabouts of Timon and Shingwedha is requested to contact Deputy Commissioner Amakali at 081 249 9692 or the nearest police station.

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