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Two killed during high speed crash

Two killed during high speed crash

Pictured: The wreck of the white VW Polo in which two people died after it crashed down an embankment on the road between Rehoboth and Windhoek. – Photos: Contributed

Niël Terblanché
Two young men from Windhoek were killed and a third sustained severe injuries when they vehicle they were travelling in left road in a bend and crashed down a steep embankment.
The actual cause of the accident that occurred earlier on Sunday afternoon on the road between Windhoek and Rehoboth is still under investigation but it suspected that the driver lost control over the VW Polo while driving at very high speed before it left the road and crashed to the bottom of the ravine next to the road.
The identities of the deceased driver and the second victim have not been officially revealed but bystanders on the scene told first responders that the two deceased persons were related to each other.
The surviving third occupant of the car was transported to a Windhoek hospital in a serious condition after both his legs were broken during the crash.

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