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Tsumeb Copper festival receives sponsorships

Tsumeb Copper festival receives sponsorships

Maria David

THE 2019 Tsumeb Copper Festival gala dinner held recently raised mare than N$400 000 for the hosting of the popular event from 30 October to 2 November and it will be held under the theme “Copper Brings Namibia Together”.
Dundee Precious Metals was the highest sponsor for the festival after pledging N$156 000 during the dinner. Standard Bank and First National Bank each pledged N$100 000 and N$50 000 respectively.
The rest of the total sponsorship amount was pledged by various companies and individuals who attended the gala dinner.
Main speaker at the event, Bernadette Jagger Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, said annual events such as the Tsumeb Copper Festival are very important for the tourism calendar of events because they provide businesses with an opportunity to showcase their products and services.
“These products and service providers are vital in assisting the municipality in its efforts to diversify the local economic base,” said Jagger.
According to Jagger tourism plays a very important role in the economies of many countries globally including Namibia. Apart from contributing to the growth of the Namibian economy, tourism is also a catalyst for poverty reduction, gender equality, wealth distribution and rural development.
Moreover, tourism services within Namibia provide opportunities for many economic activities at local and regional levels.
“During the past 17 years the festival has brought about an increase in the number of visitors to the town,” she said, adding that it has also facilitated direct and indirect investments in the hospitality sectors as a result of the exposure brought by the week-long festival.
She also urged people to venture into Small and Medium Enterprises and established businesses in and around Tsumeb to add value towards the existing natural resources of Namibia.