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Trustco goes into full lockdown

Trustco goes into full lockdown

THE local, continental and international businesses of Namibia’s foremost post-Independence company, Trustco, decided on a lockdown effective immediately as a measure to protect staff and clients countrywide in the wake of an increasing number of positive coronavirus cases.


The decision to go on complete lockdown follows previous measures implemented by the company to allow staff members to apply for paid coronavirus leave to enable them to work from home.


The Managing Director of Trustco, Dr. Quinton van Rooyen, encouraged Namibians to follow the government guidelines religiously.


“Trustco has a reputation for wealth creation for its shareholders and all clients, but now is the time for health preservation where national and international efforts should be supported.
As the number of cases of the highly infectious coronavirus in Namibia rose sharply, coupled with the increase of walk-in clients with high fevers at Trustco’s offices, management has decided that all Trustco Group Holdings offices will go into lockdown with immediate effect,” he said.


Trustco lockdown namibia effective immediately
TESTING REGULARLY: The temperature of a Trustco employee being taken at the company’s offices in Windhoek. Photo: File


In a statement, the company said the safety of the staff and frontline employees is of the utmost importance and that it will not risk their health and safety under any circumstances.


“The company values the health of every Namibian and therefore by this closure also prevents the possible transmission from our staff to clients and visitors. As Namibians, we are responsible for each other. Trustco employees, wherever they are, are the cornerstone of the company and our most valuable asset. We will need each and everyone at full strength once the pandemic has receded, for the group to operate and regain its growth trajectory in the way we’ve always done,” the company said.


Trustco’s top management took note of the fact that it is not only those that present symptoms that are infectious, but emphasised that even people without symptoms can be carriers of the virus.


“Trustco has been a family business for years, but it has always been more than that. We have open plan offices; we eat together at lunchtime and enjoy drinks at the staff canteen together at the end of the week. We’re a group of employees that are used to being close, which makes it all the more difficult. For each other’s safety, we must now stay apart,” the company continues.


Trustco further encouraged employees to keep in touch with one another by phone or on social media.


“We might be distanced socially, but we are going through this together, so let’s support one another the Trustconian way. We implore each and every one of you to please keep yourself safe,” it advised.


According to the management of Trustco, the loss of a single staff member will be a massive blow not only to the company, but to the country.


At the time of lockdown, not a single Trustco staff member had tested positive for COVID-19, or suspected that they might be infected.