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Tragedy avoided at Vierkantklip

Tragedy avoided at Vierkantklip

Niël Terblanché

A DAY trip at sea for family and friends on a small fishing boat in the sea just south of Swakopmund almost ended in tragedy when the ski boat they were using capsized in the waves off Vierkantklip.


According to emergency workers from Swakopmund that responded to the scene of the boating accident, the small fishing craft capsized when it came too close to the beach. The boat capsized in when the skipper was sailing parallel to the waves.


“Luckily the boat capsized near the beach and all eight people on board were able to swim to the safety. There were two children among the passengers on the vessel.”



A paramedic that assisted with the stabilisation of the people when they reached the beach said that six patients were transported to a hospital in Swakopmund for observation and to avoid them suffering secondary drowning.


“Some of the people could not swim very well and the situation could have been much worse if it was not for the valiant efforts of the skipper who helped them to reach dry ground. The man who skippered the boat managed to assist all the people to the beach and in the process he swallowed a huge amount of water.”


The fact that the sea is currently very rough because of the coming spring tide and strong winds along the coast, might have caused the skipper of the boat to misjudge the surf when he sailed near the beach.

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