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Tragedy averted at Long Beach

Tragedy averted at Long Beach

Niël Terblanché
TWO young men walked away as heroes on the eve of Heroes’ Day after their vigilance and actions saved the lives of two other people who were in danger of drowning in the sea near Long Beach.
Warm and sunny weather brought on by the past week’s east wind conditions enticed many people who spent the Heroes’ Day long weekend at the coast to visit the beach.

Pictured: Paramedics attending to victims who nearly drowned at Long Beach on Sunday. – Photo: Contributed

According to Aubrey Oosthuizen of the Code Red private ambulance service who attended the scene said the selfless actions of the two young men saved the lives of two other people who were in danger of drowning after the victims were swept into the open ocean by the notorious strong sea currents north of the Long Beach residential area on Sunday afternoon.
He said the shrieks for help from the victims drew the attention of the new heroes who were also relaxing on the beach for the day. They ran into the waves and managed to bring the victims back to the safety of beach where paramedics attended to them.
“The the victims and their rescuers were taken to hospital for observation. In many such cases a secondary drowning can occur because of the amount of water that the victims swallowed. The low temperature of the Atlantic Ocean off the Namibian coast also causes many people to suffer from hypothermia which if left unattended can have serious complications for the patient.”
He said paramedics of E-Med Rescue and Code Red Medical Services responded to the scene and assisted the young people after they got back to the safety of the beach.

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