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Tjombe pleads for fast invention in alleged NDF brutality

Tjombe pleads for fast invention in alleged NDF brutality

Aili Iilonga and Eba Kandovazu
HUMAN rights lawyer and activist Norman Tjombe has called for prompt intervention in the alleged brutality Namibian residents are suffering at the hands of Namibian Defence Force.
Tjombe was voicing his opinion on the recent incidents of NDF officers allegedly violently abusing people for no just cause.
He said that the Namibian police must lodge and immediate investigation into the matter and ensure that the culprits are prosecuted upon findings.
“This evidence shows that there is a systematic abuse by NDF officers. Culprits should be prosecuted accordingly and once the investigating has concluded, the government through the ministry of justice should compensate these people and pay their hospital bills,” he said.
News circulating across the country has indicated numerous incidents of people sharing their stories of how they suffered brutal and violet assaults at the hands of the NFD officers.
Kyle Sullivan, one of the victims took to social media and vented that he suffered police brutality from ten to 15 police officer over last week Friday.
He stated that he was coming out from a local club in Windhoek going to his car. he quickly sat behind his car to make a phone call when he noticed ’10 to 15’ NDF officers surrounding him.
“They told me to stand up and I said okay and attempted to do so as they requested. When I stood I was immediately slapped and whipped from all directions and my glasses were continually slapped from my face,”
He added that they searched him thereafter and took his money forcefully.
“I got loaded into the van surrounded by officers threatening me and while in the van I tried making a phone call but they temporarily confiscated my phone. They indulged themselves in laughing every time I was assaulted. They dropped me off about 2 km from the club and told me to run and not look back,” he stated.
He added that his jaws is “pretty messed up and eating, talking and even trying to brush my teeth has become a bit of a nuisance due to the pain”.
Meanwhile, the NET issues a statement, distancing itself from the widely circulated “brutal incidences” that occurred over the weekend.
According to Colonel Petrus Shilumbu of the defence ministry Public Relations Division, The ministry did not order soldiers to assault members of the public and that such behaviour would not be tolerated.
“The MOD will investigate this case and those who will be found guilty will be dealt with according to military discipline code,” Shilumbu said.
The Legal Assistance Centre has also noted with concern the prevailing number if NDF brutalities, saying that a number of civil claims were registered, arising from the assaults. LAC director, Toni Hancox called on Nampol management, NDF management and government at large to consider disciplinary action and feedback to the public.

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