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Three of four dangerous fugitives re-arrested in Angola

Three of four dangerous fugitives re-arrested in Angola

Three of four dangerous fugitives re-arrested in Angola
Pictured: Stefanus Daniel Nghilifa (circled) is still a fugitive from the Namibian Police.

Niël Terblanché

Six days after their daring escape from police custody in Swakopmund, three of the four murder accused fugitives were rearrested in the Oshihedi Sheengombe Village near Ondjiva in Angola.
According to Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Fabian Tangeniomwene Lazarus, Matheus Nujoma, also known as Zaza, and Ngenokesho Stefanus were arrested in Angola on Sunday.
“Since their arrest the prisoners have already been taken from Ondjiva to Oshikango where they are scheduled to appear before a magistrate. After their appearance in court at Oshikango the prisoners will be transported back to Swakopmund where escape charges will be added to the murder charges already pending against them.”
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said the forth escapee, Stefanus Daniel Nghilifa, is still on the run.
“We are still hunting the fourth escapee and we hope to make a breakthrough soon.”
The fugitive Nghilifa along with Fabian Lazarus and Jerobiam Simon Shidute, are accused of strangling and bludgeoning the 78-year-old Roswietha Strzelecki to death in her home in Swakopmund during early August 2017. Her husband Siegfried Strzelecki who was 82 at the time, died in hospital due to serious injuries he sustained during the brutal attack.
The two other prisoners that were rearrested in southern Angola, Matias and Ngenokesho are accused of stabbing a man to death at a club in the Kuisebmond neighbourhood of Walvis Bay during 2016.
The four dangerous murder accused inmates managed to escape from lawful custody during a shift change at the Swakopmund Police Station last Monday.

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