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Three more suspected coronavirus cases

Three more suspected coronavirus cases

Eba Kandovazu
THREE more people in Namibia are currently being tested for possibly contracting the novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Health has announced.
Without divulging too much information, the Executive Director in the ministry of health, Ben Nangombe, confirmed that new suspected cases of the Covid-19 have been reported to health authorities and samples have been taken.
Nangombe would, however, not say when exactly the reports were made, adding that a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow morning to shed more light on the matter.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP), Dr David Uirab, also confirmed that indeed new suspected cases have been recorded and that the samples are currently being tested at their laboratory.


coronavirus Namibia Ministry Health tested
HEALTH MATTERS: Photo for illustration purposes.

As of last Friday, the NIP has been fully equipped with testing equipment, with results taking up to two days.
Previously, Namibians had to wait for a period of approximately two weeks as testing was done in South Africa.
According to Dr Uirab, the results of these new suspected cases will be made available tonight or tomorrow morning latest and shared with the nation.
The minister of health is expected to announce the results at tomorrow’s press briefing. The minister is also expected to address the nation on the status quo regarding the coronavirus.
He further explained that testing will not be done at the country’s entry points, but that screenings are being conducted.
Testing of the virus presently can only be done at the Central Laboratory in Windhoek, out of all 40 NIP laboratories nationwide.
According to Dr Uirab, the testing process is quite expensive and therefore people cannot simply demand to be tested whenever they suspect they might be infected.
He stressed that the only people currently being tested are those who have travelled to countries where reported coronavirus cases were confirmed.