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Thousands welcome Ondonga Prince

Thousands welcome Ondonga Prince

Video: Prince Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo arrives at the venue where thousands of his supporters gather to show their support of his claim as the rightful heir to the Ondonga Throne. Footage: Placido Hilukilwa

Placido Hilukilwa
PRINCE Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo arrived at the venue of the gathering where thousands of people welcomed and greeted him with spontaneous ululation.
People gathered in Ondnagwa to demonstrate their support for Prince Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo as new king of the Ondonga traditional community.
Among the multitude of supporters are notable names such as veteran politician Kanana Nghishoono, Councillor Udeiko Haufiku of Eenhana and senior and junior traditional councillors.

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