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Thieving airport cop gets N$2500 bail

Thieving airport cop gets N$2500 bail

Thieving airport cop gets N$2500 bail
PHOTO: RED HANDED: Patrick Dawid on camera

Eba Kandovazu

A POLICE officer from the Hosea Kutako International airport who last month made headlines for stealing 800 euros (about N$12 720)from a tourist’s luggage has been released on N$2 500 bail.

This is despite facing a separate charge of rape emanating from December last year when he reportedly raped a colleague at the airport’s police barracks.

In the theft matter, Patrick Dawid was caught on camera stealing money from a female passenger’s bags while going through security check. As such, he faces a corruption charge, in that he used his position for personal gratification.

He was previously denied bail because he was already out on bail when he stole.

Nampol Spokesperson, Edwin Kanguatjivi, has since announced that an internal investigation and disciplinary hearing is underway to establish the way forward.

According to him, Dawid was not assigned to the passenger transit checkpoint on the day of the theft and that he reassigned himself.

Dawid’s bail condition is that he does not interfere with police investigations. He is set to return to court on 8 May before Magistrate Johanness Shuuveni.

In the rape matter, he will return to court on 26 April..

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