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The face of drought

The face of drought

Gert Jacobie

IN what must be the most gruesome face of the current drought, videos of starving animals now circulating endlessly on social media platforms are bringing the harsh reality home.


A kudu bull in the north of Namibia was described by viewers as the ultimate face of the prevailing climate conditions, while a new video, filmed at the notorious Omatjete-area of Damaraland about 50 km north of Uis, depicting a dying elephant, this time with the cruel sounds of laughter and triumphant mocking of bystanders. The area is well known for human elephant conflict and death of the emaciated beast is somehow construed as a victory for the inhabitants.


Other scenes of dying domestic and wild animals are also circulating on Facebook and Twitter, mostly as an outcry against the unbearable conditions that prevail all over the country.

In the meantime rains are not yet on the horizons for the moment. Namibia’s reservoirs are tapped to near empty and the largest irrigation scheme at Hardap near Mariental, is so emptied out that farmers have been forced to cut production with 40 percent.


Late yesterday rain was reported at Talismanus en Aranos in die southeast. At Talismanus 75mm was recorded however, official figures are still being awaited.


Reports of rain north of the border with Angola were confirmed by photos from a slow rising Kavango river, where the river levels have indeed picked up by a few centimetres.

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