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Teen saves little brother from the jaws of death

Teen saves little brother from the jaws of death

Niël Terblanché
A YOUNG resident of Long Beach at the coast, a girl aged 15, is currently recovering from a fractured pelvis and leg in a Swakomund hospital after she saved her three-year-old brother from certain death by hurling him out of the way of a car bearing down on them at high speed.
The incident, where the teenage girl sustained serious injuries and her little brother was less seriously hurt, occurred on Sunday evening.
It was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the Erongo Regional Crime investigations Coordinator.

Pictured: Damage to the front of the vehicle that hit a young resident of Long beach on Sunday. – Photo: Contributed

He said that the person who was driving the vehicle that hit the girl was arrested on charges of, amongst others, reckless and negligent driving.
According to a close family member of the girl, Azim Poonja, the incident occurred when the teenage girl, her younger sister, their little brother and another young girl, a friend of the two sisters, were walking next to the access road to the older part of Long Beach.
“From what we could ascertain from the children afterwards was that they were walking along the side of the road near the new Total service station when they became aware of a bakkie driving at high speed from the direction of the camping area of Long Beach. They told us the vehicle was swerving from one side of the road to another and that it then barrelled straight towards them,” said the relative.
Poonja said the girls fled across the road to try and save themselves from being run over.
“The little boy ran after his sisters and their friend, but was not quick enough. The oldest of the girls ran back into the way of the speeding car, picked her little brother up and threw him to the side of road before the speeding car hit her,” added Poonja.
Poonja said that the impact flung the young girl about nine metres through the air, but luckily, the vehicle did not run her over.
“The driver of the bakkie drove on as if nothing happened and stopped at the service station to put fuel in his vehicle. The younger sister became hysterical and ran towards the man sitting in the car and at shouted him that he just hit her sister. The man allegedly just laughed at her and said to her that he thought it was a dog that he hit,” Poonja added.
According to Poonja, the man then drove back to where he came from while people living near the service station came rushing to the aid of the injured children.
The bystanders contacted the father of the children, who also rushed to the scene.
“The girl was bleeding badly and the father decided to rush the children to hospital in his own vehicle. When they eventually got to the Cottage Private hospital, the children were admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. The girl had to have emergency surgery and was operated on during Monday.”
In the meantime, the residents contacted the Namibian Police but an officer only arrived on the scene about two hours after the incident.
According to Poonja, only when the police officer arrived was the driver found at his residence and questioned for about two more hours.
At this stage it not yet clear if the driver was tested for driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

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